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French Moto

French Moto it is above all a know-how of over 20 years in customization and motorcycle preparation. After all these years of preparations based on Café Racer, brat-style, Bobber or even Scrambler, the family workshop French Moto has been able to apply its expertise in the world ofmotorcycle accessory, to offer its customers the best parts on the market with a quality of advice that is theirs.

The accessories you will find with us

We offer you a whole bunch ofaccessories and parts for your motorcycle, whether for a Café Racer, for an Scrambler, for an Bobber, a Brat Style, a sportswoman or another style, you will find what you need. Of luminous props our tires, Flat Track saddles our custom exhausts, you will be spoiled for choice among more than 10 references exceptions and original.

Illuminated accessories

In this category, you will have the choice to equip your motorcycle between full led headlights or to ampoule, blinkers led or to ampoule, rear brake lights, daytime running lights, license plate lights as well as bulbs and central flashing, and all luminous props that you will be looking for.


By going to the section Accessories, you will have the choice between a wide range of counters and rev counter motorbike handlebars et handles, wing mirror classics or in handlebar end. This is also where you will find the dressers that you will need mud guards et plate holders which remain essential, selles of all types such as café racer, scrambler, bobber or even flat track. Finally, you will find in this category a whole range of fairings and caches for your bike.

Techniques & consumables

This is the most an essential because, after the aesthetics, there remains the submerged part of the iceberg which is the technique and consumable. It is in this section that you will find absolutely everything you will need in terms of brake discs, platelets and all the part braking , fork tubes and everything that revolves around it, but still exhausts and silencers for your motorcycle. You will also find a wide selection of engine parts like alternators to starters. Finally, for the electricity part et bundles, we offer you a very nice range of best motorcycle batteries from the market as well as a bunch of parts for the electricity part.

Liquids & tools

When everything is finally over, and all you have to do is get on your bike and travel the roads of your region and elsewhere, there is still maintenance and storage part. In the section "Liquids & tools", you will have access to a vast catalog which lists all types of liquids such as brake fluid or refroidissement, box oils or fork or all types of fats. This category also offers you paintings, any type of cleaners and maintenance products to make your beautiful shine, the tools which can go from the small Allen key to the ultrasound tank. Finally, you will find workshop equipment such as lifting tables, of workshop crutches to motorcycle rack.