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Shock Factory M-SHOCK 2 shock absorber for Triumph 1200 Speed ​​Triple RS 2021

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Shock Factory M-SHOCK 2 mono shock absorber for Triumph 1200 Speed ​​Triple RS 2021

With M-Shock 2, you benefit from a shock absorber with double independent adjustment thanks to dedicated dials to the compression and to relax, which do not influence each other. This tuning feature gives you greater flexibility to adapt your amortization according to the circuit and weather conditions, ideal for experienced users.

It is recommended for use in competition or rally road.

If you find that the depreciation is too flexible, increase the compression one or two clicks (48 clicks of adjustment available) to feel the difference.

If it's too much farm, you can easily flex the hydraulics to your preference.


Le M-Shock 2 was designed for sports performances, it provides you with setting options more advanced than the M Shock. It is equipped with a progressive hydraulics which allows Supprimer the feeling of road irregularities while maintaining a optimal control on big shocks. This progressiveness also ensures steering stability and path accuracy essential for use athletic of your motorcycle.


Each component and design systems of the monoshocks are designed to guarantee the lifetime and reliability shock absorbers M-Shock. They are all independently tested on Roehrig test bench before being shipped to customers. THE materials, treatments and know-how de ShockFactory guarantee you excellent performance over time and unalterable efficiency.


The combination of all the characteristics of mono shock absorbers shock allows us to offer you a two year warranty, without mileage limitation, for a use only on the road and/or speed circuit. If there is any problem after the end of the warranty period, our after-sales service is available to overhaul or repair your shock quickly.


Their extensive experience in design, drawing and manufacturing allows Shock office reduce their costs, while maintaining the quality of their shock absorbers. They used calculations to streamline, rethink technology and refocus design technique on the core functionality of their shocks.



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