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Solise battery 6V 9,6Ah B06010

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We offer you the best compromise of acid batteries, here are Lithium batteries!

A featherweight:

On average divided by 7 compared to a standard battery!

Quick and easy assembly:

Ready to use, just plug it in and use it. No need to refill or recharge it. It can be put in any direction!

An important lifespan:>

It can withstand 5 times more charge / discharge than the best lead-acid batteries on the market!

A quiet winter without maintenance:

The battery can be disconnected using the connector. It takes 10 seconds and without tools. The battery can be left outdoors because it is resistant to temperatures of -30 ° C. In addition, it is not necessary to recharge it during these long periods because it can remain more than two years without being used while conserving its energy.

Optimal security:

The battery, by design, does not catch fire and does not explode in the event of a violent impact or piercing unlike lithium ion batteries which can ignite or lead batteries filled with acid.

Fast recharging:

After a normal start the battery takes less than 60 seconds to recharge.

An ecological battery:

It does not contain heavy metals such as lead or mercury which are responsible for a multitude of pathologies. It is therefore easily recyclable.


Lithium iron phosphate battery 6V 9,6Ah with integrated BMS protection system.
This battery replaces a lead GEL or AGM battery without modification.

The battery is delivered with a K005G cord which allows you to connect with 6mm round lugs.

Capacity: 9,6Ah
Nominal voltage: 6,4V
Maximum charging voltage: 7,3V
Minimum discharge voltage: 5V
Standard charge current: 5A
Fast charge current: 8A
Discharge current: 6A
Max discharge current: 10A (5min)
Weight: 540g
Dimensions: 85
mm x 57mm x 76mm
Max resistance at 1000Hz: <10mΩ
Lifespan: 2000 cycles
Self-discharge per month: <5%
Charging temperature: 0 ° C to 45 ° C
Discharge temperature: -20 ° C to 60 ° C
The connection is made by an Anderson PP30 connector (also called Torbery model K005G or C00002).

BMS protection circuit:
Overload voltage: 7,5V
Minimum discharge voltage: 5V
Protection against short circuits
Load cell balancing

Not suitable for electric starter motorbikes!

Ref: B06010

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