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Motoscope Mini Black Speedometer

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ID: MG13002010

   Description ──────────────────────────

 The Motoscope Mini speedometer Motogadget is the best in miniature dashboard technology! Its small size allows it to be positioned wherever you want.

THEscreen is compound 251 LEDS red ultra luminous which allow an optimal reading whatever the brightness, all in one housing en aluminum cut in the mass very compact of only 59 mm long, 21,5mm high and 13 mm depth.

He's delivered with its speed sensor (M5x25mm only) and 1,5m cable, a little contactor (push button) to change the display modes of the counter, and the screws necessary to fix the meter on a support. 

Diet engine digital (bar graph) 0 - 6/8 / 10 rpm
Diet analog motor (digital) 0 - 20 rpm
Speed ​​(via original signal or supplied sensor) 0 - 999 Km / h or mp / h
Shiftlight configurable from 0 to 20 rpm
Partial distance (daily) 0 - 999,99 km
Total distance 99 km
Travel time 0 - 99:59 h / min
Dimensions and weight 59 x 21,5 x 13 mm - weight 32g




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