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Result of the Horizon Sunday competition at 12 p.m. on Youtube
Result of the Horizon Sunday competition at 12 p.m. on Youtube

Speedometer Daytona Velona 80mm

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   Description ──────────────────────────

We present you the best of home Daytona, the speedometer and tachometer Daytona Velona available in 140 km / h, 200 km / h or 260 km / h.

It has a diameter of 80mm and a depth of 40mm, the finish is black and a V-type stainless steel bracket is provided to facilitate installation on the motorcycle.

This motorcycle counter indicates the speed with a maximum needle at 200 km / h or 260 km / h as desired, the total mileage traveled (KM), the hour (12h or 24h format) and has 2 daily mileage (trip) a choice. It also informs you of the battery voltage (from 0 V to 18V). It indicates the maximum speed, it has the following five warning lights: left and right turn signals, full headlight, neutral and engine warning light (or other). 

The power supply is 12 V and the LED display is blue.

For the installation you have several possibilities:

- Use of the original sensor
- Use of the inductive sensor Daytona 
Which you will find  HERE

- Use of the mechanical / electronic converter Daytona Which you will find  HERE

_ Use on BMW with cable drive, which you will find  HERE

This counter is suitable for engines having:

- 1 pulse per motor revolution
- 2 pulses per motor revolution
- 1 pulse for two engine revolutions
- 30 pulses per engine revolution (Harley Davidson after 2000)


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