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Motoscope pro speedometer

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ID: MG11005030

   Description ──────────────────────────

The Motoscope Pro speedometer of the brand Motogadget is the very best in on-board technology.

The 734 high-brightness LEDs on the screen are controlled by a 16-bit processor and allow perfect visibility whatever the conditions, in particular thanks to the automatic lighting correction.

The screens are fully customizable and you can choose to view the information according to your needs, from the gear ratio engaged to the battery voltage, including speed, rpm ... The rpm can be viewed under
numerical form or as a bar graph.

Here are its functions:

Instantaneous, max and average speed

Graphic rev counter, number or max

Total distance, partial A and partial B

Operating time



Shift light adjustable


0 - 100 Km / h

Instantaneous acceleration, max positive and max negative in G

Gear indicator engaged

Neutral warning lights (green), turn signals x2 (green), full headlight (blue) and an engine warning light (red)

Fuel gauge with reserve warning

Air, water and oil temperature

Oil pressure.

The meter is delivered with all the necessary wiring, IP67 stainless steel speed sensor, 2 mini magnets, 9 input connector, protection fuse and 2 stainless steel screws.



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