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   Description ──────────────────────────
 Here is the little beast from home Motogadget: the mo-Button!
Mated to the Mo-unit, it helps drastically reduce the mess of wires from your electrical harnesses. With this tiny cylinder in the handlebars, or in other suitable places, all the commodos, switches and pushbuttons are connected.
The mo-Button prepares the signals digitally and sends them by a single small diameter wire to the mo-Unit V.2, thanks to modern USB technology. Consumption stations are then connected or disconnected. All the wires go through the handlebars. Which saves space, labor and time. 
Please note:
With a “normal” beam, the operating current (eg lighting, indicators) passes through the handlebar switches. So due to the amperage, large wires must be routed from the fuse box to the switch and back. Which quickly leads to masses of large diameter wires. Not great for preps with little space!
This is THE solution for a minimum of wires!
The mo-Button is completely waterproof.
It therefore has:
- right turn signals
- left turn signals
- front stop switch 
- Horn
- lighting (night light / dipped / full headlight)
- electric starter
To be used with the box mo.unit blue, basic or mo.unit v.2


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