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Commodo Led 3 buttons Polished 1 "

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   Description ──────────────────────────
This commodo fits on 1 "diameter handlebars
Ideal for controlling your indicators, starting the motorcycle, turning on the lights, etc ...
Can control an M-unit box

Polished aluminum

Push button switch: When you press it, the command is sent, when you release, the button returns, the command is off (ideal for controlling an M-unit box or for an electric start or horn. 
Can also operate the indicators thanks to MO-relay +: . Dans ce cas là, le Mo-unit n'est pas obligatoire. )

You can choose between yellow, green, blue and red LED indicators. How you set it up is entirely up to you, but for inspiration you can see an example 5 button setup below:

Left side of handlebar (rebel 3 button LED switch)

High - Lights. Blue LED (high beam)

Middle - horn. Green LED (neutral)

Bottom - Left turn signal. Yellow LED (flashes when active)

Right side of the handlebars (rebel 2 button LED switch)

High - Engine start / stop. Red LED (oil pressure)

Bottom - Right turn signal. Yellow LED (flashes when active)

The price is for one unit

Manufactured by Rebelmoto in copenhagen

Neither returned nor exchanged, these products are tailor-made according to your requirements.


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