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ID: N1003-CR

   Description ──────────────────────────
A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.
CAN-BUS RELAY is an electronic component that will allow you to correctly adjust your turn signals. Most vehicles are compatible because they are equipped to receive this relay.

You can adjust the 2 directions: right side turn signals and left side turn signals.

The following resistance values ​​can be set:
150 ohms
170 ohms
200 ohm 240 ohm 300 ohm 400 ohm 600 ohm
1200 ohms

Cable length = 200mm

Yellow = channel 1 input (+)
Orange = output channel 1 (+)
Blue = input channel 2 (+)
Red = output channel 2 (+)
Gray = input mass (-)
Black = exit surface (-)

Connection: 1 CAN-BUS RELAY for 1 PAIR of indicators.


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