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Clip-Ons Strap Handlebars | High rise

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These clips, like all other motorcycle parts Rebelmoto, are designed with both function and aesthetics. The design is elegant and minimalist. The bracelets can be tilted according to the preferences of the rider. The angle can be set between 0 ° and 25 ° by loosening the bolts and rotating the bar and S-shaped joint. Two M6 bolts are used to tighten the clips on the motorcycle forks and lock the angle of the bars.

It is extremely easy to align the left and right sides. It is not necessary to measure or use an alignment tool. The angle will be 100% the same on both sides.

The clip-ons are CNC machined from three pieces of aircraft grade aluminum. After machining, the parts undergo a series of surface treatment steps, including anodizing. The result is a smooth satin finish that is both scratch and weather resistant.

The bars are 220mm long and unlike many other clips you can actually use the entire length. Some fixed reservoir master cylinders can be difficult to install because they get close to the clamping portion of the clip-on. Due to the design, this is not the case with the bracelets Rebelmoto.

Available in black and anodized silver with 22 mm diameter (7/8 ”) bars.

Bracelets are available for the following fork diameters:

  • 33 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 36mm - (BMW R Twin-Shock model)
  • 38,5mm - (BMW R Model Monolever)
  • 41mm - (BMW R Model Paralever)
  • 41,3mm - (BMW K models K100 and K75)
  • 43 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 55 mm


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