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VULCANET 80 Motorcycle cleaning wipes

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Vulcanet presents the motorcycle and car cleaning wipes, without water All in 1!

Vulcanet is a complete cleaning product for one-off or recurring maintenance of your motorcycle, scooter or your car.
It is a single product to take care of the rims, paints, plastics, windows, chrome of your motorcycle ...

Sold by box of 80 wipes. DELIVERED WITH MICROFIBER


With a 2008 innovation award, the product ensures the maintenance of your motorcycle but also the cleaning of traces of tar, insect impacts, scratches ...

  • Cleans, shines, protects, stops time for all surfaces without risk of scratches, or damaging paint, plastic etc ...
  • Cleaning without water, without foam
  • Removes impacts and traces of insects on the body, headlight optics and plastics.
  • Cleanses, degreases rims, without altering light alloys, varnishes, plastics or paints.
  • Protects the bodywork by depositing an invisible dirt-repellent film
  • Without polluting discharges
  • Easily transported (dimension: H: 285mm x width: 115mm)
  • Weight: 1419gr

How to use

  • Take a wipe out of the box.
  • Fold it in half and lay it flat on your hand.
  • Caress the surface without pressing, when the surface becomes "slippery", you can slightly increase the pressure.
  • Always proceed in small areas, without rubbing, in light circles.
  • The Vulcanet traps particles while cleaning and applying a film to the surface.
  • Then run the microfiber cloth, making a quick, circular motion without pressing.

Box of 80 wipes + microfiber cloth


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